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Chair’s Message

Our Valuable Members and Stakeholders,

Nowadays, we know much better that focusing only on economic and financial results is not enough for organizations to survive. Many developments in the ecosystem in which companies operate have shown that non-financial risks that are not included in financial statements can lead to financial consequences for companies. Recognizing that the environmental, social and governance risks and uncertainties faced by companies directly affect their sustainability; investors have started to demand more information from companies on their non-financial performance. The pace of steps taken in the global reporting ecosystem to develop a corporate reporting system, that can respond to the changing risk environment and the changing information needs for investors and funders, continues to increase with each passing day.

On the other hand, the business world is feeling the pressure of rapid developments in external factors more and more every day, trying to adapt to the pace of change in information and technology on the one hand, and to cope with global financial crises on the other. While intensive competitions, the pressures and instabilities brought along by global developments have changed the ways of doing business, they also demand access to new resources, different management models and the implementation of longer-term policies. This development process is increasing the challenges of the business world. In this period, businesses that can create value, manage risks, seize opportunities, think strategically in the long term, and manage their relations with stakeholders well will be sustainable and permanent.

The multidimensional nature of the problems and their solutions has made integrated thinking a necessity in order to achieve sustainable performance and create lasting value. Integrated Reporting has emerged to express the result of integrated management of financial and non-financial processes. Defined as "a concise presentation of how an organization's strategy, management, performance and future prospects create value in the short, medium and long term", an integrated report aims to help all stakeholders of an organization, especially investors to make better decisions by providing a holistic perspective. This reporting scheme, which is framed on the basis of integrated thinking, is the result of an approach focused on the creation of value by organizations.

Integrated Reporting Association Turkey (ERTA) aims to spread the “Integrated Thinking” and “Integrated Reporting” approaches, raise awareness, and support their implementation through all organizations in Turkey, in the period where the integrated thinking approach is gaining increased momentum in Turkey and in the World. As ERTA, we are increasing our effectiveness and power by each day and will continue to create value by strong collaboration with all our members and stakeholders in this journey.

Prof. Dr. Güler ARAS

Founding Chair

Integrated Reporting Association Turkey (ERTA)

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