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The Integrated Reporting Association Turkey (ERTA) has five working committees, which are chaired by the Members of ERTA's Board of Directors.

Climate Change, Environment and Sustainability Working Committee

ERTA Climate Change, Environment and Sustainability Working Committee was established to carry out activities and projects on climate change, environment, and sustainability issues, to support ERTA members and stakeholders to make the world more sustainable for future generations both individually and corporately, and to carry out awareness raising activities on environment, social responsibility, and corporate governance (ESG). The Working Committee aims to create value by the organization of several activities on different subjects prioritizing the climate crisis, the development of sector-specific sustainable roadmaps for low-carbon development, the development of national and international projects for greenhouse gas emission reduction strategies and the awareness and education programmes targeted at ERTA members and our stakeholders.

Co-Chairs of the Working Committee: Allianz Insurance (Ersin Pak) - Industrial Development Bank of Turkey (Meral Murathan)

Sustainable Finance Working Committee

ERTA Sustainability Finance Working Committee was established with the aim of developing low-carbon green financing tools and products for all sectors, especially the finance sector, and increasing sustainable development-oriented collaborations and leading the rule makers with the aim of developing the understanding and practices of "Sustainable Finance". The working committee closely monitors national and international agendas, legislation, and practices, analyzes the current situations, carries out activities to increase the awareness of its members and stakeholders in order to increase green financing products and mobilize capital across a wide range of investors and organizes national and international trainings to share good practice examples. By adopting an integrated thinking approach, it works as a bridge between the traditional finance models and investment instruments issued in accordance with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles, and pioneer’s companies in accessing sustainable finance.

Co-Chairs of the Working Committee: Borusan Holding (Barış Kökoğlu) - Garanti BBVA (Işıl Akdemir Evlioğlu) - Development and Investment Bank of Turkey (Seçil Yıldız)

Working Committee on Improvement of the Investment Environment

ERTA Working Committee on Improvement of the Investment Environment aims to contribute the investment environment of Turkey with the close monitoring of changing trends of investment and trades and be a supportive platform to develop the investor relations of its members and stakeholders. With the participations of expert and investor relations professionals from member companies, it analyzes the expectations of companies and investors and carries out activities to establish cooperation with national and international institutions, non-governmental organizations, and regulatory bodies. In line with the strategies developed, it provides road maps to support companies to benefit more from the national and global investments and help to the development of related regulatory infrastructure. The committee also aims to raise awareness on integrated thinking and integrated reporting, which are especially critical for investors in evaluating companies’ performances.

Chairman of the Working Committee: Çimsa Cement Industry and Trade (Mustafa Aydın)

Global Relations and Legislation Working Committee

ERTA Global Relations Working Committee aims to strengthen ERTA's global relations through collaborations with leading international organizations, primarily our umbrella organization the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) and to inform its members and stakeholders by closely following developments in the corporate reporting ecosystem. It carries out activities to raise awareness of "Integrated Thinking" and "Integrated Reporting" in Turkey and to support member companies and stakeholders to operate more effectively at the global level. The Committee actively supports the adaptation of the national legislation and reporting framework with the close monitoring of the international standards and by close cooperation with the global standard setters. The committee develops joint projects with national and international organizations, regulatory bodies, public institutions, and other relevant stakeholders.

Co-Chairs of the Working Committee: Prof. Dr. Güler Aras - BCSD Turkey (Ediz Günsel)

Corporate Governance Working Committee

ERTA Corporate Governance Working Committee aims to support and improve the existing corporate governance practices in Turkey. It follows worldwide corporate governance practices and pioneers the integration of environmental and social responsibility strategies into corporate governance processes. The committee supports the internalization and prioritization of the concepts of Sustainability and Integrated Reporting in companies’ business models in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. The committee also aims to develop ERTA's corporate governance and corporate relations in line with its the strategic goals and needs.

Chairman of the Working Committee: Erdemir Group (Serdar Başoğlu) - LOGO Software (Gülnur Anlaş)

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