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    Reporting needs and approaches of companies also change along with the rapidly changing environment. Integrated Reporting is a reporting approach that takes not only retrospective financial performance but also all operations by associating them with the value they create, forward short-medium and long-term trends, opportunities and risks, and other relationships that gained importance today. 80% of companies publishing Integrated Report in Turkey say that Integrated Reporting "significantly increased" their awareness of sustainability risks and created the opportunity to make better risk analysis.

    KPMG in Turkey, held a 3-day Integrated Reporting training in September 2020 with participation of global KPMG experts. The training, accredited by the International Integrated Reporting Council-IIRC, was given at the "practitioner" level, and the participants received a certificate upon successful completion. The training aimed the participants to reach the "practitioner" competence where they can apply the basic elements of Integrated Reporting such as value creation and capitals to companies, and actively participate in an integrated reporting team using the integrated thinking structure. The 3-day training consists of 6 modules in total, including exercises and practical examples that include active participation of the participants as well as theoretical knowledge.

    Within the scope of this collaboration of Integrated Reporting Network Turkey (ERTA) and KPMG Turkey, ERTA members will receive a 10% discount on the training fee.

    Training Modules:

    1.Scope and methodology

    2.Introduction to corporate reporting

    3.The vision of integrated reporting

    4.Integrated thinking: “Crating value over time”

    5.Preparation of an integrated report: “Communicating value creation”

    6.Implementing integrated reporting: “From financial management to value management”

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    Integrated Reporting Network Turkey –KPMG Turkey

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