Yıldız Technical University is the first university of Turkey to publish the first integrated annual reporting.

Yıldız Technical University, is the first university of signatories of The United Nations Global Compact as a public university in Turkey, due to the competence to prepare the integrated report. Yıldız Technical University which possesses this competence, is the first university of Turkey and takes place among the few universities in the World.

Yıldız Technical University’s integrated annual report was prepared by Center for Finance Governance and Sustainability, operating under the Yıldız Technical University and signing of UN Global Compact. In this report, which was prepared by Prof. Guler Aras and her team, university’s sustainability performance was presented to the attention of stakeholders based on integrated thinking.

In the report in which the Honorary President of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), Prof. Judge Mervyn E. King wrote the foreword, Yıldız Technical University's value creation process is connected with each other (human, intellectual, produced, natural, financial, social and relational), and its impact on creating value in the short, medium and long term was conveyed to all stakeholders.

Prof. Mervyn King expressed “This report is one of the perfect samples of how an institution can lead the responsibility of accountability”. Please click for the report.

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